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Certificate of Excellence

CWBTA 2022 Award
Fair Trade Practice Award

We're thrilled to announce that Mr. Amit Bagri, representing Elhard Marketing, has been honored with the CWBTA Trade Excellence Award 2022 for their steadfast devotion to fair trade principles.

Industry Recognition

Elhard in Limelight

Discover how Elhard Marketing's commitment to quality and innovation garners attention, showcasing our journey of excellence.

  • Welcoming the CM of Odisha
  • Prabhaat Khabar (2023)
    Prabhaat Khabar (2023)
  • Dainik Vishwamitra (2023)
    Dainik Vishwamitra (2023)
  • CWBTA to Amit Bagri (2023)
    CWBTA to Amit Bagri (2023)
  • CWBTA to G.D. Bagri (2023)
    CWBTA to G.D. Bagri (2023)
  • Prabhat Khabar Pratima Samman (2023)
    Prabhat Khabar Pratima Samman (2023)
  • Featured in ET
    Featured in ET
  • Featured in T2
  • Trade Excellence Award (2022)
    Trade Excellence Award (2022)
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