Insulated Electric Wire



Suitable for wiring in all types of residential and commercial infrastructure where fire and electrical safety is utmost important.

FR Wire

Flexible house wires with Flame Retardant properties. Specially formulated insulation with a high oxygen and temperature index enables the wire to withstand overloads preventing electric mishaps. So give yourself the promise of security & best quality. Get FR WIRE and safeguard your home for life.


FR-LSH wires & cables ideal for wiring solutions in multi-storied buildings, hotels, hospitals, commercial establishments & residential complexes. It is shielded by a specially formulated flame retardant PVC compound. During fire ordinary PVC emits black smoke and toxic fumes which are acidic in nature. This impairs visibility and hampers rescue operation. FR-LSH WIRE insulation retards spread of fire & emits minimum smoke and toxic gases. There by reducing the risk of injury. So give yourself the promise of security& best quality.Get FR-LSH WIRE safeguard your home for life.

What is insulated wire?

Insulated wire or cable consists of non-conductive material or some other kind of material that is resistant to an electric current. Dielectric is what it is often referred to in radio frequency cablesCable and wire insulation prevents the insulated wire’s current from coming into contact with other conductors.


ZHFR WIRE is processed using Zero Halogen Flame Retardant compound (ZHFR). The insulation is.of superior quality, 100% PVC free and eco-friendly. In case of a fire situation ZHFR WIRE does not emit toxic or poisonous fumes, which enables safe evacuation. These wires are best suited for wiring in hospitals, hotels, business establishments and high rise buildings where fire can be determined. So give yourself the promise of security and best quality.Get ZHFR WIRE and safeguard your home for life.

Multicore Round Flexible Wire

Special Features

Multi Core Round cable consists of 2 or more insulated core laid in helical construction and is generally used in domesticappliances and equipm ents.They come in Grey & Black Outersheathing.

• Special grade PVC for betterflexibility.
• Better finish and strength for heavy duty applications.
• Lower power consumpti on.
• Every “meter length” is marked.

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