Power & Control Cables


Control cables encompass a large family of cables manufactured to various British, European and international Standards. These include the widely used CY cable, SY cable, YY cable, and LiYCY & LiYY cables designed for a wide range of industrial process automation applications, including signal transmission, measurement, control and regulation. These control cables are often referred to by the application, such as machinery supply cable, motor cable and robotics cable. They are also known as multi-core cables, control flex and control flexible cables.
In addition to the more standard control cables, we also supply a range for specialist applications such as the variable frequency drive control cable for mining equipment.

Power cables are cables, which transfer both high energy and low energy from the source to the equipments. Specifically designed to best suit active and neutral environment, these cables bear a thick outer sheath compared to ordinary Control cables. The external sheath of the Power cables with its immense strength and protection enables the cables to transfer high volume of energy without any tension or strain. Unlike Control cables, Power cables often have a unique colour code system that distinguishes the high voltage carriers from their low voltage counterparts. Control cables offer superior resistance to interference, which makes them ideal for sending low voltage signals and power cables are equipped to transfer energy to those equipments which require a maximum of 4160 V for its functioning.

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